We can handle all of your distribution needs, whether you're selling to a retailer, distributor, wholesaler, or direct to distribution centers. We handle all types of freight: full pallets, loose cartons, displays, etc., and handle all types of products.



We will place your shipments on pallets for easier and safer handling for light items, and a means to transfer heavier items by forklift. As per your request, or if necessary, pallets can be shrink wrapped.



Our fulfillment center offers a full range of services. We have a team of professionals that will work with you. They make sure that your order is received, via your website or e-mail, and then a pick ticket is sent to the floor for picking and packing. Your order will be shipped and an alert will then be sent. After web-based orders have been shipped, the tracking information will be posted to your website for your customers to easily and track at their convenience.



Our team can handle all of your replenishment orders. Orders can be replenished daily or weekly. We can receive your EDI transmissions on a daily basis. Our staff can turn most orders within 24 hours, have them routed, and send your ASNs out.



Our facilities are climate controlled to meet your requirements. We have segregated areas so your items stay cool and dry.



Your current or slow-moving inventory can be maintained in an environmental warehouse. We provide indoor, outdoor, and trailer storage for all types of freight. Our staff will custom build an area for your product. Both racking and floor storage are available for your individual needs.



Our building is a custom bonded facility. Your freight is secure in a bonded area for U.S. Customs to inspect. We have been rated a low risk warehouse by Homeland Security and many other insurance companies and banks. This allows us to offer a secure warehouse to all our customers.



Our receiving department will only accept a return if we have a Return Authorization from our customer. Returns without proper authorization will be refused. This allows tighter control of your business. If proper authorization is presented and the return is accepted, it is checked in, inspected, and put back into our inventory. If it is damaged, we will wait for further instructions on how to proceed.



Whether your site is a site that ships direct to consumers or to retailers, our dedicated staff can monitor your website, pull in orders, and turn them within 24 hours. We offer all types of packing materials to ensure that your merchandise arrives safe and secure. We can also provide for returns and restock for future orders. If rework is necessary, our trained team of professionals can repackage and return all items to stock for new orders.